About Me

I’m an interdisciplinary scholar of media, culture, and the climate crisis. My research deciphers the historical and cultural roots of contemporary climate discourse and images and determines how these representations shape responses to the threats of climate change. I’m motivated by questions of power, representation, and environmental justice. 

Through critical cultural and qualitative methods of analysis, my scholarship identifies and traces: (1) cultural processes of erasure—whereby disparities of environmental risk are obscured, and asymmetries of power are entrenched through discourse and ways of seeing, and (2) counter-discourses—whereby dominant regimes of representation are negotiated, contested, and resisted. My research contends that media can be a tool for visibility, accountability, and political change (instead of a tool for erasure) if the disparate impacts of climate change are discursively linked / “re-coupled” with specific, historical systems of power. 

Currently, I’m a PhD Candidate (ABD) at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, finishing my dissertation entitled “Apocalyptic Authoritarianism in the United States: Power, Media, and Climate Crisis.” I’m also an Appointed Member on the Board of Directors for the International Environmental Communication Association (IECA), Elected Student & Early Career Representative for the Visual Communication Studies Division of the International Communication Association (ICA), and a member of the Social Challenges of Climate Change Doctoral Working Group at New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge (IPK). I’m also a member of the newly created Climate Social Science Network (CSSN) headquartered at Brown University and the co-chair of the Critical Studies of Climate Media, Discourse, and Power Working Group.

My research has been recognized by the 2021 IAMCR Stuart Hall Award, New Directions for Climate Communication Research Fellowship, two Top Paper Awards from the International Communication Association, and the Best Student Paper Award from the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences.


PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2021 (expected)

MA, University of Pennsylvania, 2018

MSc, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2016

BS, University of California, Berkeley, 2015